Bear Club

Bear Club

Bear Club is Molly Allis and Jenica Anderson, an indie-folk duo based in Los Angeles. They met in music school at California Institute of the Arts, where Jenica was studying percussion and Molly was studying Experimental Sound Practices. Listen to their ambient lullabies here:





Fault Lines Compilation

LPBackFAULT LINES is a compilation LP inspired by the San Andreas Fault that Bear Club composed a piece for called GroundSwell. Take a listen here:



pilgrim album coverPilgrim is a psychedelic folk album based on a transformation myth that Molly composed, produced, and performed with fifteen other musician friends. Take a journey to the Secret Kingdom of the Heart here:




I’ll Love you Since the Beginning of Time

I’ll Love You Since the Beginning of Time is a collection of lullabies that Molly wrote for her 2013 installation by the same name. They were played on a loop inside of a cozy blanket fort for upwards of 15 people. Be lulled here: