Possessing Nothing/Disguised As Monsters is a roving play space that provides temporary liberation from space and time. Filled with masks, hand-cranked toys and musical instruments, it re-envisions technology by providing off-the-grid forms entertainment, without the need for electricity. The objects in the space are made almost entirely from recycled materials. It asks the question: If there was massive social collapse, how would we have fun?

Using a rake for music box keys, candy boxes as mini toy theaters, and coffee cans and broken bass drums for zoetropes, it shifts the focus towards DIY forms of tactile, interactive entertainment that we can build ourselves, without the need for a digital screen.

Ultimately, Possessing Nothing strives to create joy, connection, and non-hierarchy, reclaiming a small piece of land to help re-envision our culture of play. Sharing is encouraged, all are welcome to participate, and no one is in charge.

Photos from the Installation: