Puppet Linkage, 2016


Snake Linkage Puppet, 2016


photo 2


Alphabetasaurus, mixed media, 2016


photo(8) photo(7)

Household Objects, clay and paint, 2015



Spectacles, clay and paint, 2015


photo(4) photo(6)

Hands and Feet, clay and paint, 2015



Parts, clay and paint, 2015


Twin Masks, cardboard and paint, 2015

Twin Masks, cardboard and paint, 2015


Bullhorns, chicken wire, paper mache, acrylic paint, 2014

Cardboard Record Player, cardboard, pen, needle, 2014

Cardboard Phone Booth, cardboard, electronics, 2013

Cranky Scrolls, mixed media, 2014

Dioramas, cardboard, paper and yarn, 2013

Hand-Cranked Head, paper mache, steel, paint, 2014

Masks, mixed media, 2014

Music Box, mixed media, 2014

Octahedrons, cardboard and paint, 2013

Quiet Way Mini Sets, mixed media, 2011

Zoetropes, mixed media, 2014

Coat rack, steel and spray paint, 2014

Marble Run, steel and recycled materials, 2013

Gear Noise Makers, wood and recycled materials, 2013

Bedside Table, steel and wood, 2013